Let's go on an adventure with Prophet Yusuf !

Mommies, would you like to make your bedtime story sessions

more meaningful

more fun

more engaging

and most importantly, to teach your kids to become better Muslim ?

Then you should definitely tell the story of Prophet Yusuf to your kids !

The story of Prophet Yusuf started when he was very young

which is easier for kids to understand and to be involved in the story

because Prophet Yusuf was also once a kid, just like them !

and the best way to tell a story is not just by telling a story,

but to sing it !

There are many songs incorporated within the 5 series Prophet Yusuf book,

and they are all easy to follow and fun to sing !

Would you like to know more about this book ?

The Prophet Yusuf Adventure Series consist of 5 books: Series 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5

Series 1 tells the background story of Prophet Yusuf and his family

Series 2 tells the story when Prophet Yusuf was a child, what his brothers did to him

Series 3 tells the story after Prophet Yusuf was taken out of the well, and sold to the King

Series 4 tells the story when Prophet Yusuf was thrown to prison

Series 5 tells the story when Prophet Yusuf was reunited with his family

and best of all, the books are not just story books

there are many activities for kids to play and learn including colouring, math, card games, origami, science experiement, crossword puzzles and many more !

YES it is definitely worth every penny as there are so many topics covered and so many activities to do !

So how much is it ?

1 set of Prophet Series book is SGD 59

this includes 5 books of Series 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

postage to Singapore

you can choose to pay by Credit Card or CASH on Delivery

just fill in the form below


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Prophet Yusuf Series 1 : 96 pages

Prophet Yusuf Series 2 : 102 pages

Prophet Yusuf Series 3 : 104 pages

Prophet Yusuf Series 4 : 112 pages

Prophet Yusuf Series 5 : 114 pages

We will post out within 7-10 working days

The book is suitable for all ages. 

For kids who are unable to read, we encourage parents to read the story and encourage them to do the activity

For kids who are able to read, we are sure that they will have a great time singing, story telling and doing all sorts of activity. 



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